We Have a Sign

Digging the Post Holes the Hard Way

Now that our rafting trips have slowed down a bit we have had time to work on our sign. We didn’t really think it was a sign that would bring in business, it was designed more as a directional sign so that folks who already have a reservation to go rafting with us could find us more easily. But a couple of folks have already come rafting with us even though they didn’t have a reservation because they saw the sign. So kudos to the sign team: Sandy, Eric, Wags, and Jimmy. And to Brian, who designed and fabricated the metal sculpture. It looks great.

For more information about the rafting trips Blue Heron Whitewater offers check out our website at www.BlueHeronWhitewater.com or give us a call at 888-426-7238. And don’t forget, rafting through the mountains in autumn is spectacular. We will be open through October and into November.

Blue Heron Whitewater's New Sign

Blue Heron Whitewater's New Sign

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